ACCUPLACER (Level 12 English Equivalency Test)

ACCUPLACER (Level 12 English Equivalency Test)

What’s the ACCUPLACER?

The ACCUPLACER can be used to evaluate level 12 English Equivalency. The ACCUPLACER is a computer-based test composed of three parts: reading comprehension, phrase framework (composing abilities), and essay writing (WritePlacer).

Our centre presently will not provide the ACCUPLACER Math evaluation.

Just how long does it try write the ACCUPLACER?

The reading and writing abilities parts are made up of 20 numerous option concerns per part and they are untimed; WritePlacer includes a limit that is 70-minute.

The normal time for you finish all three parts is 2.5 hours.

Whenever will the results are got by me?

You may get your outcomes within a(often sooner) of sitting the ACCUPLACER week. If you’re taking the ACCUPLACER at a VIU campus (Nanaimo, Powell River or Cowichan), it may possibly be feasible to get your outcomes on a single time. Results may also be forwarded into the Admissions Office

Just how much does the ACCUPLACER expense to publish?

A $55 ACCUPLACER assessment charge should be compensated whenever you sign up for a test. The rewrite charge is $40 (off-campus $65/$50).

How can I create the ACCUPLACER?

Schedule a scheduled appointment to publish the ACCUPLACER through VIU Assessment Services from the Nanaimo, Cowichan or Powell River Campus:

  • Nanaimo: Online Tel that is booking, 1-888-920-2221 or e-mail:
  • Cowichan Tel: 250-746-3509 or e-mail:
  • Powell River Tel: 604-485-2878 or e-mail: ag e
  • Off-campus Testing: Distance/off-campus screening can be acquired, please finish the off–campus request kind

How to get ready for the ACCUPLACER?

There are lots of web internet sites that provide training material and strategies for just how to prosper regarding the ACCUPLACER.

Below is an example of many of these materials that are helpful.

What scores do i would like regarding the ACCUPLACER upcoming Generation, and just how do we interpret the ratings?

comparable grade for
level 12 English
studying Comprehension composing techniques Writeplacer Essay
C 260+ 250+ 5+
C+ 265+ 250+ 5+
B 265+ 255+ 6+
  • The studying Comprehension and composing abilities test scores are reported on a 100-point scale from 200 to 300.
  • The WritePlacer score is reported for a scale from 0 – 8 with a description for every rating. a score of zero suggests that the response was off subject, in a language aside from English, too brief to be assessed, or perhaps in several other means unable to be scored.
  • The ACCUPLACER is an adaptive test: in the event that you answer a concern improperly, the following question would be easier and vice versa.
  • The test is marked by exceedingly advanced computer software that is tried and tested extensively, including a report only at VIU.

We’re certain that the ACCUPLACER test is a legitimate and indicator that is reliable of at A grade 12 level*.

*Please keep in mind that the ACCUPLACER just isn’t a diagnostic or ‘teaching’ test. There’s no feedback on or usage of the test outcomes other than the final ratings.

ACCUPLACER scores are legitimate for 2 years.

May I rewrite the ACCUPLACER?

A job candidate may rewrite a number of for the ACCUPLACER tests after their initial effort.

Its strongly suggested that the spend that is applicant days reviewing the niche matter prior to trying the rewrite.

A minimum of 20 hours tutoring or up-grading will be required, or the applicant must wait until at least one year has passed since the last testing session if the applicant’s scores on the rewrite still do not meet the required score.

NOTE: From August 1, 2018, ACCUPLACER Vintage will not be applied – all assessments are done ACCUPLACER Next that is using Generation.

What’s the distinction between ACCUPLACER Timeless and ACCUPLACER upcoming essay writer Generation?

New attributes of the tests consist of:

  • A better concentrate on a selection of content areas, text complexity, and writing modes
  • Capacity to evaluate rhetoric, synthesis, and language abilities
  • Longer text (up to 400 terms) and paired text
  • Shift to more authentic tasks such as for example revising and modifying inside a range that is wide of

A more powerful give attention to these areas:

Reading (previously Browsing Comprehension):

  • paired passages
  • literary passages
  • language concerns

Writing (formerly Sentence Abilities):

  • the motion from a discrete-question foundation to a group basis
  • a larger increased exposure of wider problems of development, company
  • effective language use in the multi-sentence, paragraph, and passage levels.

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